Socks5 или http, какой прокси выбрать?

FINANCIAL OPERATIONS service provides paid services that can be paid by adding funds to your account in Personal Profile by any method listed on the

When you add funds to your account, does not collect any personal data. Usage of the payment data is described in Privacy Policy of the payment providers.

Before paying for the selected proxy package and gaining access, the User must familiarize himself with the FAQ section, and the statistics of the service. In addition, the User who first buys a tariff plan must first take a test for 30 minutes (free) or 3 hours (on the balance should be $ 2) in order to test the suitability of the Service for his tasks.

Service Administration Rights

In order to prevent systematic violations of these Terms, the Service Administration is entitled to Users who have previously committed repeated violations of these Terms and block their subscriptions without refunding paid funds as they are discovered, without waiting for the fact of another violation.

The Service Administration reserves the right to give non-working proxies, the IP address and port of which are randomly generated, instead of working proxies, to users noticed in the organization of automatic collection of proxies from the Service in order to transfer them to third parties on a paid or free basis, in violation of these Terms.

The Administration of the Service reserves the right to change any parameters of the functioning of the Service, including the appearance of the web interface (html layout), parameters for accessing the API of the Service, prices for services, etc. without prior notice.

Information on the most significant changes in the operation of the Service is published in the blog and news of the service.

Service Description

The service provides an information service for users — access to the list of residential private proxy servers that work by authorization with IP, owned and controlled by the Service and serviced by the Service software, on a paid basis for personal use at your own responsibility.

The proxy list is updated every 30 seconds, the time for checking the operability of the entire proxy list is no more than 5 minutes.

the User must purchase one of the paid tariff plans for full access to the Service. This makes it possible to get full access to the Service for a certain number of days, after the moment of its activation (1, 7, 30 days). Subscription is activated after purchase in the web interface of the service. After activation, the subscription cannot be suspended.

Privacy policy service is committed to procure  the confidentiality of information provided by users of the service and to
make sure that every possible effort is made to ensure the protection, security and confidentiality of user
data. service follows confidentiality principles in accordance with requirements of ethics, current legislature
and guidelines proposed by international associations and defenders of privacy and data security. service collects, stores, processes and transfers the data required to provide the necessary services to
users. service collects data provided by users only for functioning of the service and ensures that the collected
personal data will NOT be provided or disclosed to third parties. uses all possible regulatory and
technical means to protect the personal data of its users from unauthorized or arbitrary access, destruction,
alteration, blocking, copying, distribution and other illegal actions of third parties. service DOES NOT sell or redistribute user personal data. service can disclose user’s personal data only in one case:

If the user agreed to this! may amend or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time.

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